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i'm carina c. cunha, a designer and digital marketer dedicated to enriching the brand experience through storytelling.

Having an illustration background influencing my design journey, I've always perceived brand design similar to character design. I envision brands as characters with unique traits, personalities and quirks that make them stand out. This perception makes me see them as human and living, and with this perspective, I design for brands to achieve this same feeling.


To realise this vision, I have developed proficiencies beyond graphic and user interface design, but skills in public relations and advertising. Combining these skills, I produce visually cohesive brand systems and strategically position them with the unique value proposition needed to excel in their mission and values.


In a way, I consider my work a chimera of disciplines and qualities - balancing versatility and practicality with curiosity and intricacy in the details. Combining these dichotomies creates an engaging narrative that propels the overarching brand strategy, telling a story from beyond the brand name and gauging the audience to explore more about what they offer.


Now equipped with skills in UX/UI alongside an acquired understanding of 3D visualisation and exploration into Gen AI tools, I'm exploring redefining a brand designer's role in creating impact aside from brand value in aesthetics. In future projects, I hope to go beyond designing brand personalities towards establishing proactive design systems that drive social impact.


Outside of work, I'm dedicated to learning something new - whether a language, a new dance move or a discourse within Tiktok that I must research further on. I do try to return to my illustration roots every once in a while if inspired by a new Pinterest mood board I curated in my spare time, and usually complemented with a listening session of either lofi-jazz or hyperpop.

whether it's feedback on my projects or collaboration for a new one, say hi.

Or feel free to stay in touch via socials:

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thanks for sharing!

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