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My name is Carina Cunha, a creative who is not only a designer and digital marketer but a passionate storyteller.

Art and creativity have always been something I cared about throughout my childhood, but it was only until I was seventeen I realised how it could help others as a profession, whether it is through branding design or social media marketing.

As I continue to develop my portfolio, I want to work on projects such as:


  • Branding and visual identity

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Social media design and marketing

  • Business illustrations

And more!


When I'm not working on projects, I am either listening to music, whether it's lo-fi jazz, alt-pop or EDM, watching Netflix or drawing something inspired by a pin hidden deep within the realms of my Pinterest account.

I'd love to work with businesses and clients that want to grow their digital presence and improve the relationships with their customers through unique and exciting projects that will help them stand out from the crowd. 

Want to know more?

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