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an accessible, discreet app helping teenage boys navigate difficult topics around sexual health and positive relationships, creating safe spaces for young men to grow.

the brief.

As emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces become prevalent in our daily functions, questions on how we can integrate this tech to solve social problems such as a lack of sexual health education for teens, especially boys, must be considered. Most importantly, a growing concern in Australia regarding consent boundaries and healthy partnerships between both sexes requires urgent reevaluation of how this education can be addressed in an accessible and personalised manner. The demand for early education around healthy sexual health education and partnerships is increasing, yet for teen boys it remains a struggle to access as concerns regarding discretion and toxic masculinity prevails.

the concept.

‘Hermie’ is a collaborative outcome that integrates personalised AI functions within a chatbot platform emulating the personalities of Greek mythological gods.


‘Hermie’, a chatbot inspired by the Greek god Hermes the messenger, guides users on a mission to help other Greek gods to understand sexual health topics and concerns reflected within their Greek mythology narratives. Working on the branding, my role within Hermie focuses on integrating a modern, discreet typeface with pixelated game-like features that eliminate the confronting environment of a health application whilst offering an informative yet entertaining platform for users to source medically accurate information about sexual health topics.

Wireframing | Marco Pang & Mai Nakamoto

Illustrations | Athina Mathioudakis

Branding | Carina Cunha

UX Prototyping | Marco Pang, Mai Nakamoto, Athina Mathioudakis & Carina Cunha

the deliverables.

the prototype.

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