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we define what design is.


the brief

The Australian Graphic Design Association consists of design industry professionals, ranging from graphic designers to academics, clients and curators. Their annual awards aim to celebrate talent from every generation and experience, highlighting the successes of the Australian design industry. Through these awards, designers are encouraged to challenge, innovate and reconsider what is design.

the concept

The identity is centralised around the notion that ‘we define what design is’, an unconventional play against the stimulus. 


The Australian Graphic Design Association (ADGA) predominantly consists of members of the design industry; clients, designers, academics and curators who all have an opinion of what is considered design. An ironic twist, suggests that designers with different values, experiences and styles have a different approach to design. This has led to the development of a visual identity system that focuses on emphasising the values and style of different designers showcased in the exhibition through minimal but symbolic graphic elements. Utilising semiotics, my intention is to emphasise or highlight the names of the designers being showcased as their design reveals their skills and experiences, allowing the layout to ‘define’ the designer and their perspective of design (Lupton, 2011). In combination with subtle colour changes and consistency in brand elements within the page layout, it will focus on emphasising the designer’s skills as a result (Barnum et. al, 2011). In the process, the design not only focuses on showcasing the designers but questions how design is challenged within the industry.

the highlights.

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